Entering through our door is like entering a hidden oasis
— at least that's what our clients always say!

Healing Hands offers exceptional, experienced massage and skincare treatments with no membership required!

Please Note: ~ We do not offer couples massages ~

We customize each and every session to fit your specific needs to ensure you feel fabulous! Our anti-aging treatments will help to erase signs of aging naturally — this means our treatments will improve fine lines, wrinkles, overall texture, and complexion. All of our skincare treatments will help you look and feel like you just stepped out of a beautiful skincare commercial!

Our massages are customized to fit your needs as well. All massages will help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase your range of motion to enable a healthier lifestyle by clearing your mind and relaxing your entire body. You'll feel as if you've woken from a beautiful dream when it's all said and done! You will receive the best possible massage to help with your specific ailments, concerns, or nagging issues concerning tight muscles, strains, and kinks. You will leave here relaxed, renewed, and feeling better than you thought possible.

i-Lipo sessions will help you lose the fat where you want to in only 20-minute sessions twice a week. You finally have a safe, effective FDA approved solution for those areas of your body you want improvement on – so hold on to that dress or shirt you love because you will wear it again! We will consult you with healthy lifestyle choices and diet tips to help you reach your slimming goals. Visit our spa in San Ramon.

If you come in and are sick, we will send you home. Please remember our 24-hour cancellation policy, which we strictly enforce!


I Lipo Treatments

  • I Lipo treatment $80 each session
  • I Lipo Plus treatment $100 each session
  • Cash payment for the $80 and $100
  • No spa cards to be used with the treatments

We offer deeply discounted massage prices as follows:

  • 50-minute Swedish massage $70
  • 50-minute Therapeutic massage $75
  • 50-minute Deep tissue massage $85

NO SPA CARDS ACCEPTED FOR THIS SERVICE Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Specials not valid with Spa Wish, or Spa Week Cards.
We No longer accept Spa Finder or any other spa cards at our location.
New clients only and one (1) offer per therapist.


20% first three (3) sessions of permanent hair removal "Electrolysis."

Call Maryana at 888-512-1200

NOTE: Must mention these specials when booking your appointment to receive this offer. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or specials.

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About Us


Email Address: balancelifestylemassage@gmail.com

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2012, after graduating from the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco. My interest in natural wellness began in high school when I became certified in yoga teaching. As a massage therapist, I customize every massage to each person's individualized needs on a day to day basis. I find that most people often have a lot of neck and shoulder tension and often require work in those areas. Massage is very beneficial for relaxing the central nervous system and alleviating tension from overwork and overuse, and especially stress. My main techniques include Swedish, Therapeutic, and Deep tissue massage, which can be applied to all areas of the body. I believe in facial massage as well for bringing blood flow to the face and alleviating muscle tension that most of us have in our 43 facial muscles. Aside from massage and yoga, I also recently graduated from CSU East Bay with a degree in communications and media studies.


Phone Number: 888-512-1200
Email Address: silkytouch@gmail.com

Maryana is our Electrolysis specialist. Maryana is in tune with your sensitivity levels to ensure the best possible permanent hair removal treatment for you and each section of your body for the most painless, comfortable hair removal experience. She is quick yet precise in each session. Book now and save 20% off your first three sessions with her for the permanent hair removal skin you've always wanted.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service and treatment to treat each client's individual needs effectively. Customizing is encouraged, so you may receive the best possible treatment for your needs. After all, who knows YOU better than yourself!


Teri has over 20 years of experience and training in the massage/Spa industry. Teri is trained in the" La Stone" Hot Stone massage technique, which will melt away any stress and tension you have in your entire body. Also, Teri specializes in Therapeutic and deep tissue massage using long, slow effleurage strokes across those knotted up, tight muscles. Her sessions are wonderfully relaxing, and her passion shows in her sessions. Each one is customized for your complete relaxation.


Diane is a Reiki Master Teacher who has been practicing energy healing work since 1999. She offers healing sessions using a blend of Reiki and other energy healing modalities to help you manage pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and attain a state of serenity that will last long after the session. In addition to her training in the Mikao Usui method of Reiki, additionally, she has studied and attended workshops in chakra balancing, energy systems, energy medicine, and development of intuition. She is honored to support you on your healing journey!

Diane holds her degree in Physical Therapy, implementing her medical background in every massage and body treatment for over 30 years. Diane is a licensed, Master body therapist, spa specialist, massage expert.

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