Aura Clearing/Readings

Aura Clearings - 1 hr $90 / 1 1/2 hr $125

Pollutants we attract knowingly or unknowingly can cause imbalances and blockage emotionally in our lives. Energy work help to clear out these imbalances creating you to feel better mentally and physically. Your space is restored leaving you relaxed, soothed, calmer with better mental clarity.

Readings - 1 hr $90 / 1 1/2 hr $125

A reading provides information about who you are as a person/spirit and your path. When you have clarity you can change challenges into opportunities. When you have validation for who and what you are creating and learning in your life- healing, growth, self worth, self esteem are heightened, enabling perpetual motion to occur. This process can create new opportunities and clearer vision of yourself and your life.

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