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Healing Hands' Reviews

"Diane is an excellent massage therapist who really understands the body and has a keene ability to know which muscles need extra work. She is very perceptive of your needs and always goes out of her way to give you the best results. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a great massage!"


"Diane was recommended to me many years ago and I have had the joy of recommending others to her through out the years. I work in Health care and with professional therapists and Diane's skills are top notch."


"Diane is the best massage therapist, period. Since leaving the Bay Area I have not found any therapist that is even close to her level of skill and practice. Diane knows intuitively where to concentrate on to relieve muscle stress and she has the hand strength to make it happen. I have not found this ability with anybody else; Diane just knows what to do and how to do it without you having to say a word. You can truly relax as she does her work. I wish Diane had a clone out here in Las Vegas!"


"I have been going to Diane for almost 8 years. Diane is a true professional when it comes to massage and general health. I am religious when it comes to massages. I make sure I go every month. Every single time I have a massage; Diane can tell where the troubled aches and pains are without me having to tell her. She has this 6th sense. The value is very good. I have been to those fancy spa's in Napa and Los Gatos but only truly enjoy Diane's massage. I constantly recommend her to family and friends. Diane has helped my sister in law with jaw issues and migranes. I can count on a great massage each and every time. Some service providers will take a client for granted after awhile...but not Diane. She is always on time and her massage room is always clean and organized. I live in Livermore and have closer establishments I can go to. But none better or more reliable and de-stressing then Healing Hands."


"What started as a reluctant gift certificate turned into a weekly mission for the past 15 years or so. Not only is Diane extremely knowledgeable about massage and anatomy she's extremely client friendly and gifted. Many times she wold know where I had pain before I even mentioned it. Of course this brings incredible demand on her schedule and talents. I'd recommend her to anyone. I drove across the bay weekly for 4 years just to continue to go to her before my job wouldn't allow it anymore."


What a relaxing and therapeutic experience! I have had numerous massages with Diane and I always leave feeling peaceful and rejuvenated. I even went for a few massages while I was pregnant. Unlike another massage therapist I went to, Diane had a special body support system for her massage table that is specifically designed for the pregnant body. It was the first time in months I had laid on my stomach! It felt heavenly She was very attentive to how I was feeling during the massage and adjusted her techniques to my needs. I would highly recommend Diane if you are in need of an amazing massage. She truly has healing hands!


I know I've already written a review before, but I recently moved back to the Bay Area (phew!) and have been coming back to my favorite spa since my arrival. I had to come back and rave about a new service being offered at my favorite spa! Diane has just introduced this new service called i-lipo and let me tell you... it's pretty amazing.

When Diane told me about the service I thought she may have been exaggerating but after having gone through over 10 treatments I am glad I was wrong! As Diane told me, i-lipo is a new technology involving 4 pads, a stretch band, a cold laser and about 20 minutes of your time. She told me that this new service was to help essentially "melt fat" through multiple sessions in using the cold laser technology, which basically means it's a painless way to help boost fat loss.

When I started the treatments I was at 35 inches at my waist and about 39 below my belly button, or hips I guess. After my first treatment which, like I said, is only 20 minutes long, I lost 1/2 an inch in both areas! I've now done 10 sessions and have lost nearly 4 inches in my waist and nearly 2 inches below my belly button. I'm not one for trying fads or get thin quick schemes, so I can tell you this isn't one of those services. You do need to keep water intake up and it's best if you're active, but still... I can't believe how many inches I've lost by simply lying on a (comfortable) bed for 20 minutes and drinking more water! I already basically worshiped Diane for her spa services like massage, facial and other relaxing options, but now with this new addition to her menu, I can safely say she is working wonders!


Ultimate Customer Service What started as a reluctant gift certificate turned into a weekly mission for the past 15 years or so.

Not only is Diane extremely knowledgeable about massage and anatomy she's extremely client friendly and gifted. Many times she wold know where I had pain before I even mentioned it. Of course this brings incredible demand on her schedule and talents.

I'd recommend her to anyone. I drove across the bay weekly for 4 years just to continue to go to her before my job wouldn't allow it anymore.


After years of getting massage service from different places. I wanted to find a therapist that truly understands the aches and pain I have been experiencing in my body.

So I went on yelp and started reading reviews from different places.

Then I came acrossed Healing Hands and read great reviews about the place and the therapist ...Diane.

Since I was having so much discomfort in my neck and shoulder. I decided to call the place and made an appointment with Diane. I was very happy I was able to get it within 2 days from my call.

I was very impressed the moment I walked in this place. It smells fresh. Decor is so appealing and even more the place is very clean.

The best high light of my first visit is once I met Diane, I was excited to see she is VERY professional and overall great person. She took time to listened to all my concerned and assured me she would do everything to help me eased my pain.

After my 1 hour massage, I felt SO good. I felt like she took a ton of bricks on my body. That was my visit in January. Since then I have seen Diane 3 more times. And as always she gives me the BEST therapeutic massage I have been longing for many years. Even better we have become good friends. She is 1 AMAZING therapist, person and friend.

Thank you SO much Diane for always making me feel great. I love you as a person and my therapist.


Healing Hands massage and facials are exceptional. Diane treat's each client individually. She knows during a massage where attention is needed without you telling her. You leave there feelings relaxed and and in less pain. She is the ultimate in what she does. Once you experience this spa you will never look anywhere else again. Everything is 2nd to this. I've had many massages in my time and Healing Hands is the best. Kathleen

"I was referred to Diane for a Healing/clearing/Reading and needless to say I was very skeptical, but since the referring person is a close longtime personal friend, I thought why not?

Diane was very professional from the moment I met her and answered all my questions before we set an appointment.

Prior to the actual session, she walked me through everything that would be involved and assured me that I would be fine, she also mentioned that if I was not receptive "my Spirit" to this that she would not be able to assist or read my energy. She does not predict, only reads what is in my space as she call it at this time.

Immediately Diane picked up that I was in an abusive relationship even though I said absolutely nothing about why or what I wanted. She assured me that what I was thinking of doing was the best for myself and child and to trust my "gut" which is out 6th sense. Diane continued on to mention other instances and hurts that have kept me from really living my life as I've wanted. Diane validated everything I was feeling, thinking and wanting for myself. She has truly helped me become the person I was meant to be. I continue seeing her on a regular basis and am proud to call her my friend through all of this. I can't thank her enough."


Okay, so I have written before but I need to tell everyone that this place is the best when it comes to your body's and skins needs. My face has never felt smoother and looked so good. I had a peel along with my facial and my skin feel so soft and smooth now. Hannah suggested the diamond tip micro dermabrasion to help with my sun damage from years ago. You have to see her to to put your best face forward.

Bella B

WOW sums it up for me. I have a very high stress job and was needing total relaxation before my head exploded. This place is the best for total relaxation. The staff was really welcoming and I love the fact the bed is actually wide enough so your arms don't fall off or your feet are hanging over the bed. They have heating pads and additional padding to make you melt on the table for such comfort and relaxation. Essentials oils with the massage oils and creams that didn't leave me feeling like I was massaged in Crisco. The Reflexology/Reiki expert Diane, massage therapist, Amelia, and Facialist Hannah & Kelly are top notch. So educated, talented and comfortable to get my mind to completely relax.


I set up appointments for my Mom and myself for the "Peaceful" package for my Mothers birthday. What a treat. Behind the doors you would never know this lovely spa was in the professional building. The lighting, music and complete ambience was so relaxing. Amelia and Diane are the best. The Reiki work was amazing and the reflexology felt so good. We floated out of there and lunched at the cute little Sushi restaurant right outside the glass doors. What a perfect Mothers day. We will definitely be back!